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MATES Deep Dive© online Training 2022


About Course

MATES Deep Dive© online training is a unique, complete and most affordable Trauma based training  you will find out there. It brings the most updated information in neuroscience to a simple language and practices, not only to be used by your clients, but also for yourself in your personal and professional areas.

Training Overview:

The MATES Deep Dive© Online Training is a combination of the following:

  • Synchronous lectures (live classes) with PowerPoint via ZOOM:
    • Live demonstrations to highlight teaching points;
    • Individual, in pairs or group practices
    • Debrief, comments and questions
  • Asynchronous lectures (recorded classes):
    • Videos with demonstrations, review and extra content in our platform.

*By attending this training you are not only investing in your professional area to help your clients, you are investing in yourself, how to feel much more centred and happier in your own skin.

DATES and TIME (Sydney time)

Day 1 – Friday, 12th August 2022

Day 2 – Saturday, 13th August 2022

Day 3 – Sunday, 14th August 2022

Day 4 – Monday, 15th August 2022

Day 5 – Tuesday, 16th August 2022

Time: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

For all enquiries:

ATTENTION: By making your registration, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to ‘MATES Deep Dive Policies and Guidelines’:  MATES Deep Dive Policies and Guidelines

Formadora MATES:
Co-desenvolvedora do Programa de Regulação Cerebral MATES
Mestre em Ciências do Cérebro e da Mente
Formadora de Brainspotting
Supervisora ​​da Pacfa


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What Will You Learn?

  • Training Objectives: The MATES Deep Dive© Online training is designed to teach and model the use of MATES – Brain Regulation Program® – to healthcare professionals, in practice with their respective clients individually not in group sessions.
  • This training will provide a basic training in Trauma. MATES Deep Dive© includes experiential exercises. Your participation in these exercises will help you to understand and apply the MATES – Brain Regulation Program® more effectively. The MATES – Brain Regulation Program® is not a psychotherapeutic method but a psycho-educational program that can be used along with other therapies.
  • Through this training, you will learn how to teach your clients (children or adults):
  • The defensive mechanism: fight, flight, freeze, faint, fawn;
  • 5 (five) simple brain self-regulation strategies: The MATES keys: Mind, Air, Tree, Express, Stretch;
  • The use of MATES Program material to increase the capacity of developing resilience through simple and effective metaphors.
  • As a healthcare professional, you will increase your capability to:
  • Improve your active presence;
  • Prevent vicarious trauma;
  • Safely attune to your clients;
  • Identify the states and needs of your clients, without pathologizing.

Course Content

Cap. 1. Introduction – MATES Deep Dive training

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Cap. 2. Material to download

Cap. 3. MATES Deep Dive online Handout

Cap. 4. The impact of trauma at 8 levels

Cap. 5. MATES House Review

Cap. 6. One degree shift metaphor

Cap. 7 – Videos classes

Final Test

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